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Tilting Blocks Bright 15's

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Tilting Blocks are somewhat of a Chinese puzzle as each block is designed and cut at such an angle that it will only pair with its matching colour piece when packed away.  As a result, they are great for adults and kiddies to build with and they offer older kids a more complex dimension of play.  That's not to rule them out for younger kids - they are still great for stacking, colour sorting, object arranging and small world builds and they help improve fine motor co-ordination and problem solving abilities.

Construct amazing ball runs and 3D objects by pairing these versatile toys with rainbows, stackers, balls, blocks and bridges.  

Every block is uniquely cut and each edge is hand-sanded to give your child a safe tactile experience.  Their beautiful velvety texture is something to behold.

Our wood: our tilting blocks are made from premium sustainably-sourced bass or lime wood. The non-toxic colour stains that we use to coat them in ensures the organic texture of the wood is 100% preserved; making for a totally natural sensory experience.  All of our pigments are made in Italy and comply with international toy safety standards.

Each block set comes packed in a beautiful wooden tray for easy storage and clean up purposes.  Please note that the colour order of some trays may vary but 15 colours are present if every tray.

30 hand-crafted pieces & 1 tray  |  15 colours  |  material:  bass or lime wood  |  coating:  non-toxic colour stains  |  tray dimensions:  28 cm x 35 cm

Recommended age:  2+ years