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Stepped Blocks Large Natural 100's

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If you've been looking for a show-stopper that will light up your child's playroom or bedroom then this is your piece!  There's nothing worse than an expensive toy that looks beautiful but adds no value.  This toy packs a value-adding punch.

Aesthetics // the set fits snuggly into a beautifully crafted tray that can be displayed on a shelf as an invitation to play at all times.  The tray also makes it easy to move the set from shelf to table to floor without having to gather up 100 loose pieces.

Size // by far the largest piece in our range and measuring in at 44 cm (L) x 44 cm (W) x 11 cm (H) this set is not small.  Each block measures 4 cm x 4 cm wide and the heights start at 1 cm and step up in increments of 1 cm at each level, with the tallest block measuring 10 cm in height.

Education // the 100 piece set is packed with 10 blocks in each row and 10 blocks in each column making them a wonderful math tool for teaching and learning multiplication tables or simply rote counting to 100.  Size recognition and spatial awareness are also heightened through play with this set.

Play // blocks are timeless and with them children enhance their creative abilities hugely.  Their open-ended nature allows kids to build walls, fences, towers, castles, pyramids, objects and characters, cities, paddocks, ball runs and so much more.  Fine-motor skills are also developed through play activities such as balancing and stacking.

It's also worthwhile to note that we highly recommend purchasing this set if creating ball runs is something your child is interested in.  The stepped block heights makes the set ideal to manipulate angles with and there are enough pieces to set the foundation for a build.

Our wood: our blocks are made from sustainably-sourced bass wood. The non-toxic stains that we use to coat them in ensures the organic texture of the wood is 100% preserved; making for a totally natural sensory experience.

100 hand-crafted blocks & 1 tray  |  material:  bass wood  |  coating:  non-toxic stains

Recommended age:  3+ years