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Sea Salt Chickpeas - Single 40g Packet

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Crunchy dry roasted chickpeas dusted in sea salt - 40g packet

High in protein | gluten free | high in fibre | vegan

Grumpy Snacks chickpeas are dry roasted* before being coated in odourless coconut oil and dusted in sea salt and nutritional yeast**.

* Dry roasting is just that:  dry.  There is no oil on the chickpeas while they are roasting.  Nuts etc are often roasted (or fried) in oil, which adds calories.  Additionally, this oil is often re-used; which gives it carcinogenic potential.  Grumpy Snacks' coconut oil is warmed only enough to cause it to melt and applied to the chickpeas after the dry roasting step.  

** Nutritional yeast:  natural flavourful vegan powder.

Grumpy Snacks' ingredients are all natural - no funny stuff!

Warning:  choking hazard!  Small snacks to be given under adult supervision.