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Rainbow Large Natural 12's

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Our signature product and the cornerstone of our range is the large rainbow. This versatile toy can be used in fantasy play, for building and sorting activities, scene and character creation and balancing and stacking activities.  Build abstract sculptures, animals and objects, bridges, tunnels and fences or scavenge around the garden for colourful treasures and use the rainbow to colour sort into its compartments.  

The hearty size of our large rainbow also promotes healthy gross and fine motor development

Gross motor development involves the development of the larger muscles in your child's body.  By carrying the rainbow around, leaning over the toy to construct or play, balancing on one knee in the sitting position and moving around to manipulate the toy, your child will strengthen their core, which in turn promotes good posture, stability and provides a supportive base for fine motor movements. 

Fine motor development is the development of the smaller muscles of the body, such as muscles in the hands.  Encouraging your child to balance the bows of the rainbow on top of each other, balancing other objects on the rainbow and manipulating small finicky objects during play will help develop their fine motor movements, thereby improving your child's control over their fingers and ultimately activities such as handwriting.

Our wood: our rainbow is made from premium sustainably-sourced lime wood. The natural oil that coats it ensures the organic texture of the wood is 100% preserved; making for a totally natural sensory experience.

12 hand-crafted pieces  |  material:  lime wood  |  coating:  non-toxic natural oil  |  length:  36.0 cm  |  width:  7.0 cm  |  height  18.0 cm

Recommended age:  3+ years