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Nesting Dolls // Bright (5's)

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Have you ever noticed how much kiddies enjoy packing objects into one and other and then unpacking them again?  I’m convinced that this is the reason for the creation of nesting dolls (or Russian dolls).

These dolls will help your little one identify colour and are amazing for size sorting activities.  A game of peek-a-boo is also loads of fun as our friends fit neatly into the red and orange dolls.

Unfortunately, we do not manufacture these ourselves but we do stain them.  They can also be a bit sticky to open and close initially and will loosen over time.

The non-toxic colour stains that we use to coat them in ensures the organic texture of the wood is 100% preserved; making for a totally natural sensory experience.  All of our pigments are made in Italy and comply with international toy safety standards.

WARNING:  The smallest, blue doll is tiny and a possible choking hazard so we strongly suggest that you remove it from the set and store it in a safe place until your child is old enough to play with it safely.  

5 nesting dolls, 9 individual pieces  |  coating:  non-toxic colour stains  |  height:  2.6 - 11.5 cm  |  diameter:  1.2 – 6.5 cm

R149.00 (friends sold separately)