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Oiling Kit for Naturals

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If your kiddies enjoy playing hard with their natural toy/s then you'd probably be interested in caring for them.  All of our premium sustainably-sourced woods need TLC so we've put together a little Oiling Kit so that you can preserve the organic texture of the woods.  

If you have a blemish or smudge on your toy/s you can take a very lightly dampened cloth (it must not be very wet) and you can gently clean that area.  Be careful not to rub too hard and for too long.  Wood has its own natural antibacterial properties (think of a wooden chopping board in the kitchen) and so it does not need to be cleaned regularly unless contaminated by something toxic.

After wiping off your blemishes allow the toy/s to stand and dry for at least one week.  Thereafter, put on your gloves (optional), pour your oil into a little dish and apply a small amount of oil to the cloth supplied.  You want to apply the oil to the surface of your toy/s as evenly as possible without completely saturating the wood.  Start on the underside of a bow or toy/s so that you get the feel for the process before continuing to the more visible areas.  Once you have oiled the entire toy allow it to stand in direct sunlight to dry for one week or until the surface does not feel 'tacky'.

Wood is a living, breathing material so please do not submerge your toy/s in oil or water to clean them as they will warp.  Don't use any soap or detergent either.  You don't need to clean your toy/s often - 6 months to 1 year is more than enough.

50mls natural, non-toxic oil  |  1 pair latex gloves  |  cloth

Rainbow sold separately