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Mates Bright 12's

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Play is always more exciting when you have mates over.  In fact, the more the merrier.  

Our bright Mates (or peg dolls) can take on the role of any character your child could possibly imagine.  Mother, father, child, baby, teacher, carer, fireman, doctor; the list is endless.  

This versatile toy can be used in fantasy play, role play, balancing activities, scene and character creation or for decoration on your child's bedroom shelf.  

Colour recognition is also easily learnt and achieved through play with this set. 

Each hand-crafted Mate is completely unique, hand stained and the little eyes are hand drawn. 

Our wood: our Mates are made from premium sustainably-sourced beech wood. The non-toxic colour stains that we use to coat them in ensures the organic texture of the wood is 100% preserved; making for a totally natural sensory experience.  All of our pigments are made in Italy and comply with international toy safety standards.

12 hand-crafted pieces  |  material:  beech wood  |  coating:  non-toxic colour stains  |  height:  6.5 cm  |  diameter:  3.0 cm

Recommended age:  1+ years