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Coins Natural 24's

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Currency is the way of the world and there's no getting away from the fact that your little one(s) will have to learn the value of money and currency if they are to survive the real world.

Our little Ava is now in grade 1 and as is customary at this age, she's now learning about rands and cents.  It's a difficult concept for a 7 year old to grasp; so much so that she was in tears about it when doing her homework.  Whilst this level of learning is necessary it still needs to be fun and so we turned to our production guru, Tim, and asked him to create our first set of Coins.

The beauty of our Coins is that they can also be used in other maths exercises, such as doubling and halving, sharing and counting.  Their open-ended nature also allows kiddies to use them in freeplay and construction when building castles, villages, small worlds or virtually any scene they can imagine.

Our wood: our Coins are made from premium sustainably-sourced bass wood. The natural oil that coats them ensures the organic texture of the wood is 100% preserved; making for a totally natural sensory experience.

24 coins |  12 small & 12 large coins  |  coating:  non-toxic natural oil  |  height: 1 cm  | diameter:  3cm & 4 cm

Warning:  choking hazard!  Small parts not suitable for children under the age of 3 years.

Recommended age:  3+ years