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Coins Alphabet Natural 52's

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Our Alphabet Coins are wonderful learning aids for schools and at home.  From Grade R in South Africa, our children learn CVC (constant, vowel, constant) words such as cat, mop, bat and these coins allow your child to string short words together which eventually turn into longer words and then sentences.  

Individual letter recognition can easily be taught with one set and as your child grows you can add another set of Alphabet Coins to your collection to aid in the formation of more complex words.

Our wood: our natural Alphabet Coins are made from premium sustainably-sourced bass wood. The natural oil that coats them ensures the organic texture of the wood is 100% preserved; making for a totally natural sensory experience.  Each coin is handwritten on both sides.

52 natural coins + 1 drawstring bag  |  single-sided  |  height: 1 cm  | diameter:  3cm & 4 cm

26 x 4 cm coins (A-Z)

26 x 3 cm coins (a-z)

Warning:  choking hazard!  Small parts not suitable for children under the age of 3 years.