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Chocolate Coated Chickpeas - Single 40g Packet

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Crunchy dry roasted chickpeas coated in chocolate - 40g packet

High in protein | gluten free | high in fibre | vegan

Grumpy Snacks chickpeas are dry roasted* before being coated in chocolate.

* Dry roasting is just that:  dry.  There is no oil on the chickpeas while they are roasting.  Nuts etc are often roasted (or fried) in oil, which adds calories.  Additionally, this oil is often re-used; which gives it carcinogenic potential.  Grumpy Snacks' coconut oil is warmed only enough to cause it to melt and applied to the chickpeas after the dry roasting step.  

Grumpy Snacks' ingredients are all natural - no funny stuff!

Warning:  choking hazard!  Small snacks to be given under adult supervision.