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Tray Medium // Natural

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At Imagine Play we've often found that our little trays are quite useful when it comes to storing toys or moving them around the house.  It's easy to pack a tray full and cart it off to the next play location but it's not quite as easy to move loose parts around without something to carry them in.  We can't tell you how often we've had to pick balls up off the floor after we've dropped them and they go rolling off in every direction possible - usually under a bed or couch.  It's a nightmare!

We've recently found that our friends, balls, small stackers, beads and coins fit compactly into these sweet little trays and they're helpful when packing away.  For playrooms and bedrooms where toys are always out on display, they add a touch of organised sophistication to storage solutions.

You can also stimulate a kid's senses by turning a tray into sensory tray.  Simply add materials such as sand, rice or grains, shredded paper or beads and allow your little one to dig in.

Our woods:  our trays are made from local premium and sustainably-sourced pine wood.  They're hand finished to achieve a nice smooth surface and left raw to allow for a beautiful contrast between tray and toys.

1 handcrafted tray  |  material:  pine wood  |  length 28.0 cm  |  width:  28.0cm  |  height:  2.5cm

(Toys sold separately)